With a beautiful view of the castle Žužemberk and a few hundred meters of waterfalls from Žužemberk where the river Krka flows among green meadows tired apart, is the inn Koren. This magnificent place below the Castle of Žužemberk attracts people from everywhere on that for 23 years.
First, as a farm, now an inn. The Koren were the first official tourist farm in Lower Carniola. The main role will be the mother Jožica Koren at the beginning. She devoted most of her life to cooking and the service the guests. In this way she has broken the ice in time still unknown Suha Krajina region.
Because of honest money and good food, the always enthusiastic, we were honored when selecting Golden Spoon magazine Vikend magazine with the recognition award. Our farm was visited by guests that a real contact with nature and cosiness want, regardless of whether., Only for an afternoon or for several days We bring the guests tradition and authentic life on the farm as close as possible. From the beginning we follow our ambitious vision of where home is really home, where on the menu just is what is harvested in the time at the farm and originating from us.
The housewife Jožica Koren cooks with passion, devotion and love. Our house specialties are sirovi štruklji (quark bags), žlikrofi Suha Krajina (stuffed dumplings), meat on all Bratarten from local lamb, various types of hausgebacktem bread, buckwheat, trout in several ways from the river Krka, but first-class specialty is Kapaunfleisch. The Koren's be honest themselves and their guests. For this reason guests return again and again gladly. We do everything with passion, cultivate love for the place and the nature and last but not least, we enjoy the most pleasurable.